When you need a dedicated server service

When you need a dedicated server service

Hosting is a very effective solution about the cost for small websites. However, When your website grows and needs more demand. Hosting cannot surely meet the demand. Therefore, the question is: “How do you know when you can upgrade to a server?”

Do you need more hard disks?

Recently, hosting now has a lot of limitations about the storage space as well as the number of files that you can share. This can be a problem for community-driven websites and encourage some members to upload image files as well as audio or video.

Some dedicated servers have significantly a big storage space and the number of files and they are limited only by the size of the hard drive. You can easily upgrade a lot.

Special Feature

Hosting is designed to meet the needs of the most of users. This means that hosting just supports a small number of web applications, such as applications with the PHP platform or Perl. Many different applications are not supported when you are using hosting.

You will also appreciate the flexibility of a dedicated server highly if you want to test a new software. A cheap dedicated server is enough for you to experience this feature. Renting a server means you can install and use any applications you want.

You need more bandwidth

Normally, Hosting does not limit the bandwidth. However, too many websites in one server will give you more risks than you think. If any website is attacked, your bandwidth will surely be affected.

Dedicated servers give you more bandwidth and ensure that the bandwidth is only for you and not affected by the outside.


Although the cost of a dedicated server is quite expensive and it is really a valuable investment. If your website is stable and uses a variety of applications that are important to you, you should start thinking and learning about the dedicated server.