How to choose a dedicated server location

How to choose a dedicated server location


Choosing a dedicated server is quite important and it decides to your server’s performance. However, a different aspect also affects the server’s performance that chooses a location to place the server for that Website.

As you know, A dedicated server is placed in a suitable location that is same as the area with the visitors. That will make your Website load faster with these visitors. Therefore, that depends on the area of your customer, and you have to choose a suitable location for your server. In most cases, that doesn’t increase your cost, if any, quite well.

In this post, we will learn more about how the location of server affects your Website’s speed. We also discuss how to choose a right data center and how to optimize your Website.

How the server’s location may affect your Website’s performance

There are many factors that can affect the speed of loading pages such as images, files, themes, and plugins. Basically, every Website page is a collection of files and if files are heavier and heavier, that will spend more time loading.

However, the distance also plays a role when we mention to the Website’s performance. If the visitors are farther and farther to the server, your Website will spend more time processing and loading. Especially, some servers are not the same nation and the same problem of the international line. That makes your decision of choosing a location for server difficult.

How to choose a suitable location for your server

Most of the good providers will tell you different server locations. That depends on your demand. Therefore, you just need to find a suitable location for your server.

However, how to choose a right service is a challenge. Here are the criterions can help you make a decision exactly.

Considering your target audience: if your visitors live in Vietnam, you will want to choose a data center in Vietnam, instead of Singapore or Australia.

Checking which your data center provider service is using: most of the service provider allow their customer to see the locations of a server. You can consider this problem.

Checking the data center’s performance: you can find some datacenters and check the performance of these data center.

Based on the information, you can find a suitable data center.

How to optimize the performance of your Website

 Moving your server to the suitable data center is one of the ways to increase your Website performance. In addition, you can optimize your Website by these ways:

  • Optimizing your images and files
  • Using plugins to optimize your Website ( If your Website is WordPress…)
  • Using CND. This service will establish a copy in a cache memory of Website. This will reduce the load time of the Website greatly.


Choosing a location for the server is quite important for increasing the Website’s speed. Especially for the increasingly unstable international network in Vietnam. Of course, you can completely rent a cheap dedicated server in Vietnam if you have a special demand.


How to set up a dedicated server

How to set up a dedicated server

With someone having experiences about system administration, the way of setting up a dedicated server is very interesting. However, with some developers and any new users, they begin to use a storage service and will need an instruction to do it.

This article will help you have a general look about setting up a dedicated server for your enterprise.

What is a dedicated server?

dedicated server is a computer designed by hardware having a high ability of processing. You can use it to store or set up with some exclusive software with your demand.

With a dedicated server, you have many options to choose the operating system and request the hardware for your project.

When using a dedicated server, you will want to rent a good data center to place your cheap dedicated server in Vietnam at a stable price and the best infrastructure for your server’s operation.

Choosing a dedicated server

You should notice some tips to look for a good dedicated server as well as the best provider for you.

Hardware and operating system requirement

The main requirement of a dedicated server will be determined by requirements about hardware and operating systems that a server need.

Operating System

Considering the software will run mainly on the server and checking the operating system will operate smoothly for servers. Windows and Linux are two main options.

You will need a dedicated server for Windows if you are storing MS SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, or ASP.NET. And Linux will be your exact option if you use Ruby on Rails or Apache / PHP / MySQL (LAMP).


Look at the list of hardware that the server will run. Some requirements about hardware will be built and based on them.

Writing the list of application that you are intending to run and use how many resources of the system.

Your Budget

You should consider some questions below when mentioning the budget:

How much bandwidth do you need?

How much budget do you need to set up a server?

If you don’t use the open source, how much does a license cost?

Do you need a management plan or other servers?

You also need to care the security cost and the protection of your server.

Setting up your Website

If your dedicated server is ready, you have to set up your Website on that server. This part you will need someone to give you a guide or if you are using an administration package, they will help you implement it quickly with your request.

If you have any questions about the storage on a server, please contact now to us.


6 ways to speed up your Website

6 ways to speed up your Website

There is not any comment if I say – the speed of Website is more and more important in this era. Increasingly, the Website users want to surf a Website with a high speed. And Especially, Google claimed that they will evaluate highly Websites with a great speed. That is the reasons that you have to boost your Website if you don’t want to be left behind.

Editing image before uploading on Website

If you are using CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, you can upload a full-size image and then you begin to resize your image in your Web administration interface.

However, if you do that, it will make your browser performing many different commands and slow down your Website.

To prevent that doesn’t happen, you should use some image editor programs to resize your images before uploading them on Website.

After resizing your Website, you can continue an online tool that is tinyPNG to begin to compress the image but not to reduce the resolution of an image.

After you have made these steps with all the images on the website, you have speeded up the website many times.

Deleting some unnecessary Plugins

Nowadays, there are many free Plugins and scripts to help your Website more outstanding. However, you should remember that, any Plugins also requests the resources – and more and more Plugins, you have to consume more resources and slow down your Website. This is the time you should consider 2 problems that is to boost your Website or make your Website more outstanding.

Before adding any new Plugins, you should wonder that the features of that plugin is worth to exchange by the speed of Website or not.

Your work is really simple, looking for some unnecessary Plugins or stopping every plugin and measure the speed of your Website. You will see which plugin is occupying the resources. And then, you should consider turn it off if that plugin is not necessary.

Ensure that the script is updated frequently

That depends on CMS or platforms that you are using for Website, you need to check whether your script is updated regularly.

If your script is updated regularly, upgrading your Website is as soon as possible. Some script developer always tries to improve their code, especially is with the problem of speeding your Website. Updating the latest version of the script will be helpful so much.

Activate caching feature

 Caching is a technique that allows Website user to store a copy of your Website, And when users come back to Website, these contents will be uploaded from the caching, instead of uploading the whole Website. That will save the resource to display your page as well as help your customer surf the Website faster.

You can use the Plugin as a W3 total cache with Website WordPress. That is the easiest way. Or some plugins is similar to other platforms. Or you can contact directly with your Website development team and ask them to activate the caching feature to speed up your Website.

Enable Gzip compression

Gzip compression is a technology that minimizes the size of HTTP requests. Using the Gzip compression will reduce the load time of your Website significantly.

There are three ways to use Gzip compression on your Website. You can:

Adding these codes into file .htaccess of your Website:

# compress text, html, javascript, css, xml:
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-javascript

# Or, compress certain file types by extension:

<files *.html>
SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

Add the code to your HTML or PHP header:

<?php if (substr_count($_SERVER[‘HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING’], ‘gzip’)) ob_start(“ob_gzhandler”); else ob_start(); ?>

Install a Gzip compression plugin like W3 total cache for wordpress.

Keep these files CSS at the top and JavaScript below

Finally, keep the code on your site neat and tidy by adding the CSS files at the top of the website and JavaScript code at the bottom.

Adding CSS above the code will save you a lot of resources, as well as add the Javascript below will help prevent your Website from waiting for uploading full code before loading Website. That makes your website faster.

Here are 6 ways you can speed up your website easily. In addition, you can choose the cheap dedicated server in Vietnam service provider to help your website to work better

Renting a server is really necessary today

Renting a server is really necessary today

Renting a server for enterprises will need when the hosting server is not enough resources to meet that enterprise’s website.

Hosting is the first option if you are needing a service with a reasonable price, easy management and not related to technical too much. Most of the people like hosting for these reasons.

Nowadays, with the business aspect, of course, anyone also wants their company to develop. And sometimes, your website will become so big and has many traffic go to your website, that is the time you should think the situation of upgrading your dedicated server.

Even small business also should consider a dedicated server. You should defense unexpected things happening. Ensure customer service is as good as possible.

Renting a server and benefits

Having a dedicated server, you will have a full control. That means that you don’t need to share your resources with anyone on the same server with other websites. You also don’t need to worry about other websites that can slow down the server and affect your Website.

The dedicated server allows you set up your server as you want. If you want to change some parameters of a server, that is not difficult to you.

Using the server service doesn’t provide you the highest level of security. When your enterprise is developing, you should care about some hackers that can attack your Website and take invaluable information from your server.

Things to know when renting a server

With a great ability, that requires you should have enough technical knowledge. With basic knowledge from operating system to server administration skill, you can know how to set up a software as well as service the system. Fortunately, if you don’t have enough technical knowledge, you can pay a small fee for server administration service that some service providers give you. You will have a technical team that can help you operate and maintain your server.

The dedicated server is really more expensive than the shared hosting and is not common for small websites and blogs. If your website needs more space or features, that is no problem for upgrading your server. There are many kinds of a server with a different price that allows you have the most reasonable price.

When do you need to rent a server?

If you want to change a server from the shared hosting or VPS, you should consider some reasons.

– You have a big traffic

– You want to enhance the security. Especially is e-commerce websites

– You have a big project and need more space

– You want to control your servers.

– You want to increase the uptime of your Website. The server will be more stable when your Website is operating.

– You want to buy a dedicated server in Vietnam, and 123host is the providers that can meet your demand.


The Renting Server Guide for New Users

The Renting Server Guide for New Users

Renting a dedicated server is considered as the most essential demand today. The service not only has the best quality but also has the most expensive fee. How do we know which differences to realize a quality of a dedicated server. And now I will give all of you some tips to rent a server easily.

The definition of a dedicated server

A dedicated server is a service for renting a server that is placed in a data center. This service provides a server with a private hardware, and you are fully authorized to use bandwidth, memory, and storage space of that server. Besides that, you will be not affected by other customers.

The hardware when renting a server

A dedicated server is just a physical computer that you are authorized to use for your own. A server is usually placed in data centers with stable electricity, good internet access, and great security. No one can access your database and you have to manage your dedicated servers, such as operating system and other applications. It is contrary to shared hosting and VPS, with these things you have to share your resources with other customers.

Components of a dedicated server

A dedicated server includes some main components: CPU, RAM, HDD hard drive or SSD and RAID. Some companies usually provide a full package of CPU, RAM, and capacity that are based on the different demand and fee. However, some good providers will search and give some suitable advice for your demand.

The Infrastructure of data centers 

If you need to rent a dedicated server in Vietnam, the first thing you need to care is infrastructure in data centers. Besides that, some data centers also need a stable backup system to prevent some unexpected situation. The electricity supply is the most important part of a data center, has to ensure the 24/7 operation and power generator with high performance. Besides that, you also should notice the fire protection system and security, all of the things have to be safe and highly secure.

Payment Cost

If you need to rent a dedicated server, you have to calculate the expenses and balance your finance.

123Host is really confident that will make sure elements above with our professional technical team, if you want to rent a dedicated server in Vietnam, please contact us now.


When I Need To Rent A Dedicated Server

When I Need To Rent A Dedicated Server


If your enterprise wants to expand the business and there are plans to expand the enterprise, you should consider one of the first important things that are to rent dedicated server in Vietnam. With VPS or shared hosting, you are just one of the accounts on the same Server. Therefore, your resource will be easily exhausted and the security problem will be also affected. You cannot meet a large amount of traffic as well as enterprise development problem.

However, with a dedicated server, you don’t need to share your resource and space with anyone. The dedicated server is only for your own account. You completely can secure your data.

When do you need to rent a dedicated server?

The dedicated server is the only way to secure your Website and data: Does your enterprise usually make a payment online or store customer’s information? That is one of the reasons you should rent a dedicated server. With VPS and shared hosting, the customer’s information will be not safe and can be hacked and stollen. Hiring dedicated server will secure and protect your customer’s information.

Processing a large amount of traffic: If your Website is having a large amount of traffic, your dedicated server will help you solve this problem completely. Owning a dedicated server means that you have all of the server’s resource, that’s enough for your Website that can process a large amount of traffic and there are no errors.

Selecting a suitable dedicated server provider

Selecting a suitable dedicated server provider is not an easy decision. That is one of the problems that you need to consider and research.

Contact now with 123Host to be consulted some solution for a cheap super server in Vietnam that is suitable for your demand.

Transfer your dedicated server to data centers now

Transfer your dedicated server to data centers now

When you bought your own dedicated server, the next thing you should consider where you will place your dedicated server. Placing your server at home can help you save your money, but you should consider some necessary features that a data center can provide to you.

Some data centers have responsibility for protecting hardware that is worth millions of dollars. Therefore, they need to have security features that are integrated into data center. Data centers will be monitored 24 hours/day, 365 days/ years. That will keep your dedicated server safe and ensure there is some solution to handle your problems in the fastest way.

  • Backup

Backup is one of a data center’s basic requirements. Most of the data center also has a backup infrastructure such as electrics, cooling device, bandwidth and network. Backup’s in here means some data centers have available spare parts and equipment replacements when there are some problems happening with the main device. With connecting network, most of data centers have 3 IPS to avoid the Internet interruption.

  • Performance

Not only dedicated servers, most of electric devices can bring the highest effectiveness in a cold environment, no dust as well as low humidity. Even if you try to clean up your server, it also cannot compete with the cooling and air purification system that a datacenter offers. If you want your server that has a high performance, you need to set your server in a good environment.

  • Infrastructure

Some data centers are built with specific standards that can meet the demand of guarding some high technology devices today. There is always a backup system for electrics, air conditioner, generators, security system and other factors that can cost millions of dollars. All of the infrastructure systems are watched and monitored carefully. Moreover, if you want to expand or add more dedicated servers, that will be easy with datacenter because of available infrastructure.

There are some reasons why you should look for a place for your dedicated servers at data center. 123Host is proud to be one of the best-dedicated server place provider in Vietnam today, and our partner is the best data centers with the Tier III standard.

Contact 123Host now to be supported and consulted with suitable service packages.


Reasons why you need a dedicated server

Reasons why you need a dedicated server

In this technological society, any enterprises also want to develop a Website with a full of features to represent the enterprise on the Internet. Following Netcraft, at least there are over 644 million Websites that are operating. When you decide to create your own Website, there are many things you have to consider such as selecting a storage service: hosting, VPS or dedicated server in Vietnam. How do you know which suitable service you can select? This is 4 main reasons you need to use a dedicated server.

Enhance Security

The security of an online enterprise is really important, especially, when you want to sell directly on Website or collect your customer information. The hosting servers are easily violated and attacked by virus, hackers,…With the dedicated server service, you will be provided the best security for your Website and data. With buying your own server, you can completely control what you want to set up and prevent some troubles from other server users.


The amount of traffic daily accessing to your Website can impact to your Website profoundly. If your Website receives at least 1000 users every day, you should consider a dedicated server in Vietnam or at least a VPS. Moreover, using some shared hosting service can be affected, if any website on the same your server has a surge in traffic.

Page Load Time

The poor page load time can affect your website’s performance negatively. The most online users can only wait from 2s to 3s for a loading website before leaving and looking for other competitors. In reality, the page load time has a main role in Google’s evaluation. Every server also has a private specification and when you have many accounts on the same server, some resources are forced to separate and hard to ensure your page load time. This can make your Website slower at certain times. Therefore, selecting a server can help you avoid this.

Optional custom programs

You can need a dedicated server service that can meet your custom programming requirements. This may include running cron commands, shell scripts, and any custom software. Usually, providers with hosting packages will not give you many programming options. With the server selection, you can choose the software you want, the hardware specifications to use, the operating system you need, and other custom programming options. In a nutshell, it gives you a full control of your hosting environment.

Here are four reasons you should use the dedicated server. Hope you get the most accurate decision in the most reasonable time.

Necessary Advices For Your Dedicated Server’s Place

Necessary Advices For Your Dedicated Server’s Place

This is not a new subject, but due to the effect of it to the success in your business, we continue sharing 3 important things that you should consider when choosing where to place your dedicated server.

However, the modern technology hasn’t stopped developing for servers, locations to place Servers are not really important. If you use the shared hosting for your storage, you don’t need to care about servers’ location. Nevertheless, if you use the dedicated server in Vietnam, you have to need to increase the performance, speed and trust level more than ever. And in order to increase the performance, the regional location of the data center is an important factor for you.

However, the speed access to servers by Internet has been improved in recent years, the users still must waste time accessing data with a big distance. That reveals more clearly that when users need to access a big amount of data or from mobile devices.

There are many reasons for you to choose some data-center to place your server, but you should consider some essential reasons to ensure that you found out your best data-center.

Why do you need Servers and where are your customers?

Clearly, the reason is mainly due to the demand of customers for your website that increases, or because you are wanting to expand your business, …

Due to reasons above, you have to care your customers when choosing somewhere to place your servers. The nearer your servers come to users, the better customers’ experience is improved.

If you want to approach domestics customers, you should choose domestic servers that will ensure the performance of servers. Similarly, if your customers live mainly in Americas, you should choose some providers that can place servers in Americans to ensure servers’ performance.

At present, 123Host cooperated with some foreign datacenter to meet the demand of renting somewhere to place the dedicated server Vietnam in other countries.

How is the infrastructure?

Surely, you don’t want an inadequate infrastructure and ensure the quality of your servers. Your server is required to operate 24/24. An inadequate infrastructure cannot meet this basic demand.

A basic datacenter needs to have a power supply system, a cooling system, online connection 24/24 and an absolute security. All of these factors will help servers operate continuously and quickly.

Some problems of supporting and deploying the server solution

When you choose any server providers to rent, you have to care their support issues. Some issues don’t happen frequently such as upgrade the hardware, the security system,…that are issues you should notice.

Experienced providers will know the type of business you provide to customers and deploy a suitable solution to optimize the operation of servers. There is some popular solution such as Cache, Streaming, Virtualization and other solutions. Providers have server support solution will help you optimize your server’s operation quickly.



Some Useful Secure Features for WordPress

Some Useful Secure Features for WordPress

Following Pandalabs, there were about 18 millions harmful programs were found in the third quarter of 2016 – about 200.000 programs per day. That showed us that there were some attacking threats that were continuing to increase in 2017, and the network security’s cost was forecast to increase more than 1 thousand billions dollar from 2017 to 2021.

Making your Website more secure needs a good understanding about security options available from yourself and from the third party.

Word press is a content management system. That means that the founders have created some source codes for those who want to research, change, distribute or develop technology support operating with this system. Due to the nature of this open source code, Word press users can access and select some free or paid plugins of this basis.

This ability extension makes Word press popular with users that usually customize the look of your Website and don’t need the coding manual. Indeed, the group word press report that CMS is used by 27% in one of 10.000.000 Website around the world. Therefore, keeping Word press Website secure is more important than ever.

How do we keep Word press safe?

In an effect to protect Word press users, developers of this basis have incorporated many features to help secure your Website. Taking advantage of these settings along with third-party security plug-ins is the best way to keep your Website secure.

Some integrated security features

Some options are built in Word press for security purposes such as:

  • Update new Word press version automatically
  • Update announcement about some subjects and plugins
  • Roles of users allow you control the access authority into different abilities of your Website.
  • Create a complicated password

Security Plugin of the third party

Inspite of making steps of Word press security, many people still want their Website more secure by using some security plugins of the third party.

These plugins can be set up in the control table of Word press. Besides that, monitoring services frequently follow the activities of Word press to ensure the safety of the operation of your Website.

The Best Method about Security of Wordpress

Finally, with all of security features or plugins of the third party will be not protected if you don’t take the initiative in managing the security of your Website.

  • Update your password frequently
  • Update the installation, theme, and plugins of Word press
  • Limit some users who can access your Website remember to revoke access from people who do not need it anymore.
  • Avoid using the default username of Word Press, because hackers are familiar with these common options.
  • Choose a good cheap dedicated server in Vietnam to secure your Website

Finally, securing Word press is your job. You have to check your Website frequently to secure the operation of your Website and make your Website familiar with some new errors that are discovered.

Security is the responsibility of everyone. Taking these steps above won’t secure your Website that can stay away from danger. However, these steps will help your Website become an unattractive target for hackers.