Solutions to improve user experience

Solutions to improve user experience

Improve the Website’s loading speed

Website loading speed is extremely important. It greatly affects many things from SEO Website ranking or customer retention. We just need to slow down a few seconds and lose a lot of customers. To avoid this situation, consider choosing a cheap vps or dedicated server Vietnam provider for your Website to improve your website loading speed.

On the other hand, you should install JavaScript or not. Although it will give a nice Website theme, it will make your Website load longer.

Lead your LOGO to the homepage

You should leave your Website LOGO to be pointed to your homepage. This helps to navigate the Website in the best way and obviously it also greatly increases the guest experience. Besides, your website rankings also change slightly in a positive direction.

Make your Website appear on Google

In order for your Website to appear on the results of search engines like Google and Coc Coc, it is a long process of optimization.

This is a process of finding appropriate keywords for your Website, optimizing Website, leading backlinks to your Website or even you have to run Facebook or Adwords ads to help Website get more traffics. Although this work is quite extreme, once you get to the top of Google’s search results, customers will especially trust your business more.

Simplify your Website

A sorted website does not bring a certain structure to make customers feel uncomfortable when visiting. Over time, the number of articles, products, images or videos increases, you must know how to arrange the corresponding topic in the most reasonable way.

Arranging all the content on the Website appropriately will make customers navigate easily and they will be attracted to the Website more and stay longer.

Use live chat bot to support customer quickly

Livechat is an effective tool to help you communicate with customers quickly. In addition, with livechat will also help you increase SEO rankings for your Website and increase users’ experience because they will not have to spend time and money for direct phone calls or email to find out information.











Why do your website should use WordPress?

Why do your website should use WordPress?

Are you thinking of developing your business with a professional Website?

Are you looking for and realizing information about building websites from Internet advertisers? Relax because we’ve been here, we’ll show you the simplest way to build a Website.

I. WordPress?

You probably heard a lot about WordPress, maybe you understand or don’t know it well, we will show you a comprehensive view of WordPress and why you need it for your Website.

  • What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source Website platform written in PHP and uses MySQL database. WordPress was firstly released in 2003. Currently, WordPress has become the most popular Website platform in the world with and WordPress is owned and developed by Automatic.

  • WordPress Why you should use WordPress?

With its open source, WordPress allows developers to contribute and create their own ecosystem with their own community, a variety of plugins for needs and importantly, a huge theme meets diversified user’s needs.

WordPress is also considered easy to install and use even when you are new and do not know much about the Website. In addition, WordPress also supports many languages including Vietnamese.

You can use WordPress without knowing about the code. You may take a lot of time to get acquainted at first, but then things will be simpler. WordPress offers a variety of personal blogs to ecommerce Websites.

II. WordPress is a good choice?

Some new users often consider the using of WordPress as unnecessary for simple websites. However, you should consider building a website like building your home.

Of course, there is some people who think that it can change when your website needs to grow, but building a website is not the  same as renting a cheap dedicated server to host Web. Switching to a new platform is completely possible, but why do you do so if you can prepare for development now with WordPress at no extra cost?

In fact, most of current WordPress users still uses it as a basic platform for blogs, news and sales. Because WordPress can easily include features such as contact form, newsletter registration, payment, etc. directly on your Website with its plugins, so you can customize the Website as you like.

  • WordPress’s themes

As we mentioned above, WordPress has many themes so you can choose to use it according to your website needs. These topics make it easy to customize your Web site and make it look like a professional Website.

WordPress themes have free ones and charged ones, and they are varied and easy to use. However, it is also updated quickly and enthusiastically supported by particular developers or WordPress community. Generally. This is also the main reason for businesses to choose WordPress as their Website platform.

  • Editing WordPress

Editing WordPress will be easier when you use an available theme in stock. You can rely on the design of the theme and edit it to suit your needs and desires.

The custom aspect of WordPress is simple and easy to use when you’re just getting started and don’t know much about customizing a Website. Sometimes you need to touch a bit of code to customize it, but this is not too complicated, you can find custom code on support forums.

  • Security

WordPress developers always research and update, develop regular patches as well as enhance security for WordPress versions. This helps you feel secure when using WordPress as the foundation for your Website.

III. Summary

Now you have a better understanding of WordPress and why you should use it for your Website. Please leave a comment to let us know any of your questions and give us your comments!











Plan to upgrade storage for Website development

Plan to upgrade storage for Website development

Why do you need to upgrade your storage?

A cheap and friendly shared hosting plan is a great option when you start storing your Website. It can serve you quite well at the beginning, then what?

In the long run, shared hosting can give you some troubles when your website develops, even you can be the one who brings trouble to people sharing hosting with you. The more traffic you have, the more your website develops. It will need more resources and you need to meet it.

The essence of shared hosting is to share the available resources on the server along with many other users. And all users on the same server may be affected by a certain user.

When your Web site grows, this is the time to think about choosing another storage package such as renting a cheap dedicated server for your website.

It’s time to upgrade your storage

  1. Your Website’s performance is decreasing

Speed and performance are important factors no matter what Web site you are. These factors play a huge role in deciding where you stand in the search rankings.

Performance also greatly affects the user’s experience of the Web site. A slow website is the Website that can take customers get away from other fast websites.

  1. Downtime continuously

We all know the importance of uptime for the Website. If users cannot access your Website for the first time, the chance for them to come back to you for the second time is almost impossible.

The uptime required must be 99% or higher, and usually, hosting providers can now feel up to 99.99% uptime for your service. If they make a less commitment, you can think about finding another provider for yourself.

However, if your downtime has only recently occurred and the frequency is increasing, this may not be an issue from your provider. Most likely your website is receiving more visits or maybe, the worst case, your website is being attacked by an opponent. You can check your resources and ask your provider to check your status and plan to fight or upgrade.

  1. Security

Bảo mật, vấn đề vô cùng nhức nhối cho các Website thương mại điện tử. Kể cả khi bạn sử dụng Server chuyên dụng của riêng mình thì bạn cũng không thể xem nhẹ các vấn đề bảo mật. Không một nền tảng nào có thể đảm bảo cho bạn 100% bảo mật, bạn cần phải thực hiện các bước bảo mật cho chính mình. Bạn sẽ tìm thấy nhiều công nghệ bảo mật tiên tiến hơn, lưu trữ riêng tư hơn ở các gói lưu trữ cao hơn.

Security, the extremely painful problem for e-commerce websites. Even if you use your own dedicated Server, you can’t overlook security issues. No platform can guarantee you 100% security, you need to take security steps for yourself. You will find more advanced security technologies, more private storage in higher storage packages.

  1. The resource is decreasing

For a long time, you will have more data to store, more visitors and more activities for users. You will need a dedicated server with more resources, run more smoothly to meet these needs. This is the time for you to consider higher storage plans.

The essential point of your decision to upgrade your hosting plan is to ensure that your Website providing the best user experience and security issues for you and other customers.

Some upgrading storage package options for you

  1. VPS

Still an option to live and share on the same server. However, you have full control over it because the resources you have are the resources that are available only for you.

  1. Dedicated Server

A perfect dedicated plan for large websites. You completely manage it and can run multiple websites on it. The server is entirely under your management and is not affected by anyone. If you rent a server from a hosting provider, in addition to server configuration, see which server they will put in your Datacenter, which will help you secure your server operation. If you buy your own server and find a location, ask some suppliers to choose the best place for you.






Caching solution for Website WordPress

Caching solution for Website WordPress

What is Caching?

First, you need to understand what caching is, what happens when someone visits your site.

In other words, when a user visits your site, the user’s browser sends a request to your dedicated server, and the server then analyzes all of the site’s data and finds out what it is. The user is trying to access, and the server sends the information that it finds back to the user’s browser. Visitors need to wait for the process to complete so that they can view the

In most cases, this is a quick process that takes a few seconds or less. However, sometimes visitors will probably have to wait longer to get your site fully loaded. This can happen for many reasons. For example, if the visitor is located away from your server or if your site has heavy imagery or contains large files, it may slow down.

Each time a user visits your site, the process must start over again – unless you are using a caching-storage solution.

Caching is a technique where some of your site’s data is stored on your local computer, which helps to remember the first time users visit your site and will return the results.

Benefits of caching in your website

With the above explanation, you also see the benefits of coaching for your Website, we will highlight some highlights of this solution for your Web site as follows:

  • Better performance – When caching is enabled, every time visitors return to your site, they get the result faster. This is important because the site speed can have a significant impact on traffic, the bounce rate, and moreover the conversion rate.
  • Improve the User’s Experience – When a user visits a website, they often want to respond quickly. Caching allows you to provide a smoother experience for those interested in visiting your site and returning regularly.
  • Positive Effects on SEO – Although no one knows exactly about the algorithms of search engines and even these algorithms often change. However, the page speed is becoming an increasingly important factor in how Google ranks websites. This means that implementing a caching solution can help your site appear higher in the search results of users.

Of course, no solution is perfect. But caching can be a smart idea for most web sites, there are a few potential weaknesses. It does not help to speed up your site for new visitors, which means you will need to implement other speed optimization techniques. It is also ineffective for sites with frequently updated content because the visitor’s browser will still request new data directly from the server. However, for the majority of websites, these disadvantages are not the reason to bypass the caching. Even for frequently changing pages, caching should still provide some improvements.

How to set up the caching for Website?

You can find some plugins to help you get a caching for your Website. However, each plugin has its own features, you will want to learn them before using. Some points to note are as follows:

  • Functions
  • Cost
  • Rating
  • Update
  • Support

The best thing you can do when considering a caching plugin is to directly experience it, which can be a bit laborious. You can create a staging page, install a plugin and run some tests to see if it really improves your page speed.

If you find that the selection of plugins is too complex, you can choose a caching solution provider for your server, of course it also depends on the size of your Web site, if your site is large and need to rent a cheap dedicated server in Vietnam. the choice of Caching solution will not be too wasteful for it.

How to protect Websites from DDOS Attack

How to protect Websites from DDOS Attack

DDoS attacks are becoming more common than ever. These attacks can be a big deal for any type of business that has an Internet presence. So are you prepared to protect your Website against DDoS attacks?

Even with sophisticated DDoS protection, large online services like Twitter and Spotify may still be affected by a DDoS attack. What if your server does not have DDoS protection?

Although it is not possible to stop DDoS attacks completely, there are a number of ways you can prepare yourself so that you do not fall into a situation which you can not handle them. In this article, we will briefly describe what a DDoS attack is and how you can protect your business.

Definition of DDOS Attack

DDoS means distributed denial of service attacks. In other words, when one or more people drive traffic to a server at the same time, it causes the overloaded connection and makes the web page deny connections. There are hundreds of different types of attacks that can occur to achieve this result.

Types of DDOS Attack

The most common type of DDoS attack is a mass attack. This is an attack on your website network that is created by overloading your site with “fake” users and consuming your bandwidth.

Another attack is done by using many different attacked computers or “infected” devices. This creates a centralized botnet that can initiate an attack at any time.

In an attack, your bandwidth is overloaded and only a limited number of users can log on to your site at the same time. This prevents legitimate users from logging in.

Major types of DDoS attacks include:

  • Consuming computing resources such as bandwidth, hard disk space, or processing time
  • Breaking down of configuration information such as routing information
  • Breaking down information states as the automatic reset of TCP sessions.
  • Breaking down the physical components of the computer network
  • Blocking targeted communications between users and victims resulting in inadequate communication between the parties.

Reasons for DDOS Attack

Multiple many reasons can make someone attack websites for any purposes.

For any reasons, It can be a big problem because it denies legal customers accessing to your web page. Your users are trying to access your web page that can be denied. As a result, they become disappointed and never go back to your Website.

DDOS Prevention Tips

Improve Your Network Infrastructure

Maintaining proper network infrastructure can protect against DDoS attacks. Consolidating your network architecture can help ensure you are protected in a DDoS attack or in any possible network problem.

The key point you can enhance your network infrastructure is to create diversity with your network connection.

If your organization needs to rely on a server or the internet, it’s important to ensure that your resources are geographically dispersed. You should not rely on a particular data center, however, you should take advantage of multiple locations to be well protected.

In Addition, it is important that your data centers are not all connected to the same ISP (internet service provider). Even you use multiple locations of the data center, it may not provide full protection if they use the same backend network.

Increase The Bandwidth And The Speed of Connection

 Another important strategy for using to protect against DDoS attacks is to increase your bandwidth. This does not help you get rid of the attack completely but it also makes your opponent more difficult to attack.

One major vulnerability exploited in DDoS attacks is to exceed your bandwidth limits and block legal users from your site. For these common types of attacks, increasing your bandwidth can sometimes be a solution. However, this is not a good solution as it means that you are paying for bandwidth for fake traffic, but it is an option to consider.

Invest DDOS Protection Service

The best way to protect against DDoS attacks is to invest in a server provider that provides DDoS protection services. These services use sophisticated DDoS mitigators to protect the site immediately when an attack occurs. By self-developing new technologies to protect its customers against the attacks of competitors, 123HOST specializes in providing DDoS attack protection solution with 2 layer security mechanism, ensuring fast and secure performance. whole.

The cheap dedicated server in Vietnam at 123HOST, you will be consulted on the most advanced technology solutions, developed exclusively at 123HOST to protect your Website against the bad business rivals.

You Shouldn’t Store Your Website Yourself

You Shouldn’t Store Your Website Yourself

Many business owners often want to be able to monitor all their own work and activities. However, business owners are not experts about everything. There will be problems that they can hardly evaluate the severity level when they arise.

Website hosting is also one of the issues that business owners need to be cautious. Although it is not too difficult to hire a technician to administer the Website, but the storage management is another matter.

Because most business owners are unaware of what is really necessary to ensure the efficient operation of a website. This is the main reason that you shouldn’t store the Website by yourself. Here are some general problems you have to face if you want to store your own website.

You need to process and maintain your server

To let your server operate well, you need to know what hardware is for you. It is not simply bringing an old computer for reuse.

To make sure your website is always online, you need to buy hardware that has the proper processor speed, RAM, and operating system. This hardware is expensive because it is designed to run 24 × 7 and handle continuous flow. Traditional desktops are not designed for this strenuous workload and will be made a mistake much faster than enterprise servers if they are used to store a web site. Without proper enterprise server hardware, you will have many technical problems and will take a lot of time and money to solve.

In addition, the cost of purchasing a dedicated server for your business, you also need to have a supply to replacement components for it. The reason is because the best servers will get the errors on the hardware, so it is important to have plenty of spare parts in your office to be able to handle at the time. The cost of these replacement components is also a considerable part.

You need to update your software continuously

When you choose to store your own Website, you have to responsible for selecting the software to use and manage it. And Then, you have to find someone who understands the installation process for both the softwares and the applications.

You also have to be responsible for maintaining and updating the software to avoid technical problems or to make your Website compromised by hackers.

Maybe, you don’t have time

A typical business owner will usually be busy. They need to monitor and do a lot of work for their business. Therefore, the storage management of the Website may become overwhelming to them, because they are not experts in the field and will have trouble with any errors that need be fixed.

Good business owners know the importance of managing time and manpower. They will know how to find a partner to manage website hosting.

You need a high connection

When people need to connect to the internet, they will call internet service providers like FPT, VNPT, etc. But these are just ordinary Internet services that you cannot provide enough for your needs with these Internet lines.

Each server needs to be connected to the Internet through redundant connections for enterprise level networks. These networks are designed for optimal performance to meet the needs of users around the globe. It also guarantees on uptime and redundancy issues to fix when they arise.

As you can imagine, these types of connections are very expensive. It is also often not feasible to set up connections in areas where a traditional office can be located.

Saving money

Even if you try one of the “free” web hosts, you will soon realize that there is nothing free at all. There is always costs involved, and even this cost is higher than the cost of storage.

Buying a dedicated server will also cost you a little bit to make it work 24 hours a day. This is probably not the option you desire.

The performance of your Website is not good as you expect

You may be very good at designing a beautiful, attractive and friendly website. But after all, are you sure that you can ensure your Website can achieve the best performance for users if you manually store it?

What is affecting the speed of your Website? Is your website fast enough for customers to easily navigate and purchase?

Does your SEO have the good result as you want?

Website performance greatly influences the user experience for your website as well as your SEO results. A good website performance will often be appreciated.

It is very difficult for you to maintain your website’s performance. In the long run will cause a lot of problems for you.

The security is not good as you expect

No one can guarantee the maximum security for your hosting, even you choose a good hosting service provider. However, your self-storage will make things worse.

Hosting service providers will often have more experience in helping you protect your security. Even if you just rented their cheap dedicated server, you can also be protected by their technology.

That’s not supported

When you store your website yourself, you have to support yourself without being able to rely on anyone else.

You do not know when your problem will arrive. Imagining that it was 2:00 a.m. and your site is offline. Do you know what to do to make it appear online again?

Or if your Web site is having lots of customers visiting at the same time and it can not meet. What can you do now? Or do you lose sales?

By choosing a reasonable hosting provider, you simply call a phone call or send a ticket to a provider who will know how to support you.

When you need a dedicated server service

When you need a dedicated server service

Hosting is a very effective solution about the cost for small websites. However, When your website grows and needs more demand. Hosting cannot surely meet the demand. Therefore, the question is: “How do you know when you can upgrade to a server?”

Do you need more hard disks?

Recently, hosting now has a lot of limitations about the storage space as well as the number of files that you can share. This can be a problem for community-driven websites and encourage some members to upload image files as well as audio or video.

Some dedicated servers have significantly a big storage space and the number of files and they are limited only by the size of the hard drive. You can easily upgrade a lot.

Special Feature

Hosting is designed to meet the needs of the most of users. This means that hosting just supports a small number of web applications, such as applications with the PHP platform or Perl. Many different applications are not supported when you are using hosting.

You will also appreciate the flexibility of a dedicated server highly if you want to test a new software. A cheap dedicated server is enough for you to experience this feature. Renting a server means you can install and use any applications you want.

You need more bandwidth

Normally, Hosting does not limit the bandwidth. However, too many websites in one server will give you more risks than you think. If any website is attacked, your bandwidth will surely be affected.

Dedicated servers give you more bandwidth and ensure that the bandwidth is only for you and not affected by the outside.


Although the cost of a dedicated server is quite expensive and it is really a valuable investment. If your website is stable and uses a variety of applications that are important to you, you should start thinking and learning about the dedicated server.

Is Renting a Cheap Dedicated Server a Solution For You?

Is Renting a Cheap Dedicated Server a Solution For You?

If you are considering hosting service or whether you should upgrade your storage by renting a super cheap dedicated server. You should know about some of the issues below.

Cheap Dedicated Server Rentals – Dedicated Servers For Website

With services like VPS or Share Hosting, you have to share server resources with many other users. You can use, install the software you want for VPS or Shared Hosting. However, more or less you are still affected by other users and encountered extremely objectionable issues.

Renting a cheap dedicated server, you have storage space for your own. You are completely free to decide what purposes you want to use your server for. You are more professional, freer and safer.

Benefits of dedicated servers

Renting a cheap dedicated server may be over necessary if you have only one personal page or a Website with low traffic. However, some of you still prefer to have self-control for your storage and are ready to pay for it. Other people use dedicated servers because of the size of the Web site or applications they want to run.

The dedicated server allows you to freely install your programs without any obstruction – of course it must comply with the law – You have full authority to use and manage your Server. The provider will only play the support role, but they cannot interfere with the use of your Server.

Some advantages when you choose to rent a cheap server

  • Flexibility – You can use your server for a variety of needs and allocate server resources to them.
  • Control – Because of not sharing the server with other users, you can easily control the operation of the server.
  • Included features – Each server has different features that go with the hosting service. You can ask the provider about features like scripts, spam control, dashboards, commercial solutions, if you need one.
  • Stability – Without sharing resources, you no longer worry about the effects of other users.

With all the good points above, why don’t you choose server?

It is true that renting a cheap dedicated server to have your own storage space brings a lot of benefits. However, it is not free but the price is not cheap at all. And you will think that you do not need so many gadgets, you have to choose less expensive solution for yourself.

In addition, to use the server smoothly, you need to have some technical knowledge or have a technical team of your own. This is too complicated if you are just an ordinary businessman.

Renting a cheap dedicated server you can almost do whatever you want with it. If you have high demand then this is the most attractive factor. You can consider the cost that you have for the storage. Besides that, you also consider your development for storage in the future.


When you need to upgrade to a server

When you need to upgrade to a server

Upgrading to a server is a difficult decision because it costs a lot. But once your business has grown large enough and upgrading to a server is a necessary demand if you want your website to operate effectively.

Hosting is a pretty good option for you if you are needing a service with a reasonable price, easy to manage and does not require technical skills too much. Many people love to use hosting because of that.

However, if your website is still growing strong, then surely one day, hosting can not meet your needs. That’s the time you should think about upgrading to a server.

Even small businesses should consider the server. You should always prepare unexpected things. Ensuring the customer service is as good as possible.

Advantages of a server

Full control with your system is the first advantage of the server. You do not have to share any resources on the server with other websites. You also do not have to worry that your website is affected by other websites on the same system.

Furthermore, the use of server service provides you with the highest level of security. When your business is growing, you should pay more attention to the problem that hackers can attack your website and take away invaluable information from your server such as your customer information, your account…

What do you need to know when choosing a server?

By owning superior capabilities, you must have technical knowledge in order to operate the server. From the basic knowledge about operating systems to server management skills. You may need to know about the software installation as well as system maintenance. However, if you do not have a lot of technical knowledge, you can pay some money for the server administration services. You will have a technical team to help you operate and maintain the server. Some providers that support this service may include 123host, matbao …

Clearly, the server is really more expensive than shared hosting and is not popular for small websites and blogs. However, if your website needs a lot of storage as well as many other features, it will not matter if you upgrade to the server. There are many different types of servers with the different price which allow you to select the server with a suitable configuration.

When do you need to upgrade to a server?

You should consider switching to a server when

  • You want to increase the uptime for your website, reduce the downtime. Servers will be much more stable than shared hosting or VPS.
  • You want to have a server control
  • You need more space for your website
  • You want to enhance Especiallyis with e-commerce websites.
  • You have a large amount of traffic

If you have any questions, please learn more about upgrading to the super cheap dedicated server or leave the information below. We will support you.