The most enthusiastic customer supporting website hosting service provider

123HOST Digital Storage Company Limited is the most enthusiastic customer supporting website hosting service provider. Established in 2012 with a young, dynamic and professional team. All our activities are based on closed-loop automation standards. This automation process will help to reduce the risks related to Human.

Our hosting systems, domain names, VPSs operate independently and automatically. We dedicate all our resources to constantly improving the quality of our current systems, developing new systems and, especially, providing careful customer support.

It is the automation and advanced technology that help to saves the cost in human resources investment and delivers superior and stable service performance. At the same time, give customer the price benefit

We invest a lots in network, security and datacenter infrastructure. Because of well establishment infrastructure, strong server system with advanced software technology, your service will operate stably. We also have a 24/24 attacking activities prevention monitoring systems which automatically filter and block all intrusion activities. Therefore, you will have absolute peace of mind when using 123HOST’s services.

Service advantages of 123HOST

Make customer satisfaction as our top criteria in the goal of development. Make our company credit as a foundation for sustainable development. 123HOST always research the application of new technologies to make your services become the best

The top capable hardware

Hosting servers, VPS are using the latest E5-2620 CPU, 32G RAM or the newest ones. Uses the original SuperMicro USA server

Unlimited bandwidth

Being the first hosting provider in Vietnam with unlimited bandwidth for all Hosting services, VPS, Server and hosting locations.

Well establishing and stable infrastructure

123HOST chose the best datacenters which are VDC2 and ViettelIDC as the place to locates the network and server. Switches, routers and network models are individually designed. In combination with specialized firewall equipment to create a network with stable quality and security against the threat of hacking hidden on the Internet.

SSD Hard drive standards

All hosting server systems, 123PSST VPS are using SSD hard drive. High hard drive read and write speed contributes greatly to the server performance

Advanced technology

Utilizing the most advanced and optimized technologies such as Litespeed Enterprise, Nginx, Cloudlinux, cPanel operating system which help to improve the efficiency and security. Free DirectAdmin when using SSD VPS.

Dedicated supporting

With a team of professional and experiencing technicians, who always available to help customer 24/24 all the times, including holidays. 123HOST brand is the most enthusiastic customer supporting website hosting service provider.