Solutions to improve user experience

Solutions to improve user experience

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Improve the Website’s loading speed

Website loading speed is extremely important. It greatly affects many things from SEO Website ranking or customer retention. We just need to slow down a few seconds and lose a lot of customers. To avoid this situation, consider choosing a cheap vps or dedicated server Vietnam provider for your Website to improve your website loading speed.

On the other hand, you should install JavaScript or not. Although it will give a nice Website theme, it will make your Website load longer.

Lead your LOGO to the homepage

You should leave your Website LOGO to be pointed to your homepage. This helps to navigate the Website in the best way and obviously it also greatly increases the guest experience. Besides, your website rankings also change slightly in a positive direction.

Make your Website appear on Google

In order for your Website to appear on the results of search engines like Google and Coc Coc, it is a long process of optimization.

This is a process of finding appropriate keywords for your Website, optimizing Website, leading backlinks to your Website or even you have to run Facebook or Adwords ads to help Website get more traffics. Although this work is quite extreme, once you get to the top of Google’s search results, customers will especially trust your business more.

Simplify your Website

A sorted website does not bring a certain structure to make customers feel uncomfortable when visiting. Over time, the number of articles, products, images or videos increases, you must know how to arrange the corresponding topic in the most reasonable way.

Arranging all the content on the Website appropriately will make customers navigate easily and they will be attracted to the Website more and stay longer.

Use live chat bot to support customer quickly

Livechat is an effective tool to help you communicate with customers quickly. In addition, with livechat will also help you increase SEO rankings for your Website and increase users’ experience because they will not have to spend time and money for direct phone calls or email to find out information.











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