Why do your website should use WordPress?

Why do your website should use WordPress?

Are you thinking of developing your business with a professional Website?

Are you looking for and realizing information about building websites from Internet advertisers? Relax because we’ve been here, we’ll show you the simplest way to build a Website.

I. WordPress?

You probably heard a lot about WordPress, maybe you understand or don’t know it well, we will show you a comprehensive view of WordPress and why you need it for your Website.

  • What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source Website platform written in PHP and uses MySQL database. WordPress was firstly released in 2003. Currently, WordPress has become the most popular Website platform in the world with WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress is owned and developed by Automatic.

  • WordPress Why you should use WordPress?

With its open source, WordPress allows developers to contribute and create their own ecosystem with their own community, a variety of plugins for needs and importantly, a huge theme meets diversified user’s needs.

WordPress is also considered easy to install and use even when you are new and do not know much about the Website. In addition, WordPress also supports many languages including Vietnamese.

You can use WordPress without knowing about the code. You may take a lot of time to get acquainted at first, but then things will be simpler. WordPress offers a variety of personal blogs to ecommerce Websites.

II. WordPress is a good choice?

Some new users often consider the using of WordPress as unnecessary for simple websites. However, you should consider building a website like building your home.

Of course, there is some people who think that it can change when your website needs to grow, but building a website is not the  same as renting a cheap dedicated server to host Web. Switching to a new platform is completely possible, but why do you do so if you can prepare for development now with WordPress at no extra cost?

In fact, most of current WordPress users still uses it as a basic platform for blogs, news and sales. Because WordPress can easily include features such as contact form, newsletter registration, payment, etc. directly on your Website with its plugins, so you can customize the Website as you like.

  • WordPress’s themes

As we mentioned above, WordPress has many themes so you can choose to use it according to your website needs. These topics make it easy to customize your Web site and make it look like a professional Website.

WordPress themes have free ones and charged ones, and they are varied and easy to use. However, it is also updated quickly and enthusiastically supported by particular developers or WordPress community. Generally. This is also the main reason for businesses to choose WordPress as their Website platform.

  • Editing WordPress

Editing WordPress will be easier when you use an available theme in stock. You can rely on the design of the theme and edit it to suit your needs and desires.

The custom aspect of WordPress is simple and easy to use when you’re just getting started and don’t know much about customizing a Website. Sometimes you need to touch a bit of code to customize it, but this is not too complicated, you can find custom code on support forums.

  • Security

WordPress developers always research and update, develop regular patches as well as enhance security for WordPress versions. This helps you feel secure when using WordPress as the foundation for your Website.

III. Summary

Now you have a better understanding of WordPress and why you should use it for your Website. Please leave a comment to let us know any of your questions and give us your comments!