Caching solution for Website WordPress

Caching solution for Website WordPress

What is Caching?

First, you need to understand what caching is, what happens when someone visits your site.

In other words, when a user visits your site, the user’s browser sends a request to your dedicated server, and the server then analyzes all of the site’s data and finds out what it is. The user is trying to access, and the server sends the information that it finds back to the user’s browser. Visitors need to wait for the process to complete so that they can view the

In most cases, this is a quick process that takes a few seconds or less. However, sometimes visitors will probably have to wait longer to get your site fully loaded. This can happen for many reasons. For example, if the visitor is located away from your server or if your site has heavy imagery or contains large files, it may slow down.

Each time a user visits your site, the process must start over again – unless you are using a caching-storage solution.

Caching is a technique where some of your site’s data is stored on your local computer, which helps to remember the first time users visit your site and will return the results.

Benefits of caching in your website

With the above explanation, you also see the benefits of coaching for your Website, we will highlight some highlights of this solution for your Web site as follows:

  • Better performance – When caching is enabled, every time visitors return to your site, they get the result faster. This is important because the site speed can have a significant impact on traffic, the bounce rate, and moreover the conversion rate.
  • Improve the User’s Experience – When a user visits a website, they often want to respond quickly. Caching allows you to provide a smoother experience for those interested in visiting your site and returning regularly.
  • Positive Effects on SEO – Although no one knows exactly about the algorithms of search engines and even these algorithms often change. However, the page speed is becoming an increasingly important factor in how Google ranks websites. This means that implementing a caching solution can help your site appear higher in the search results of users.

Of course, no solution is perfect. But caching can be a smart idea for most web sites, there are a few potential weaknesses. It does not help to speed up your site for new visitors, which means you will need to implement other speed optimization techniques. It is also ineffective for sites with frequently updated content because the visitor’s browser will still request new data directly from the server. However, for the majority of websites, these disadvantages are not the reason to bypass the caching. Even for frequently changing pages, caching should still provide some improvements.

How to set up the caching for Website?

You can find some plugins to help you get a caching for your Website. However, each plugin has its own features, you will want to learn them before using. Some points to note are as follows:

  • Functions
  • Cost
  • Rating
  • Update
  • Support

The best thing you can do when considering a caching plugin is to directly experience it, which can be a bit laborious. You can create a staging page, install a plugin and run some tests to see if it really improves your page speed.

If you find that the selection of plugins is too complex, you can choose a caching solution provider for your server, of course it also depends on the size of your Web site, if your site is large and need to rent a cheap dedicated server in Vietnam. the choice of Caching solution will not be too wasteful for it.