What is colocation and why you need it

What is colocation and why you need it

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Renting a place for dedicated servers, is to select a location so that you can place your server there and ensure that it meets the infrastructure requirements for your server’s operation. Renting a place for server helps you save money for the operation and ensure the server’s operation is more stable.

The location can place a server like Data centers

Renting a place for server?

Renting a place for a cheap dedicated server allows you to put servers where they can provide the best conditions for your server’s operation.

Preparing yourself with server infrastructure is not too hard, but it often wastes more money than choosing a professional data center.

Renting a place for a cheap dedicated server will provide you a professional, high-end infrastructure that includes: power, air conditioning, bandwidth and security.

Advantage of renting a place for a server

  1. The biggest advantage of colocation is the cost of bandwidth. Your server can be placed in a quality data center that provides a higher bandwidth speed and better network connections and saves you a lot of bandwidth costs.
  2. The data center will protect the server better. With a solid infrastructure system and good power supplies, you will not be bothered that the server’s operation will be stopped when a sudden mistake happens.
  3. Upgrading a server is also easier than ever. You just need to notify the provider and they will quickly help you implement it.
  4. Server providers also provide the additional security for your machine. Your server will be stored and maintained in a secure environment.
  5. Most colocation providers will provide the management service and maintain your server with an extra cost. This is especially useful if you do not have an IT professional or your office is away from the provider.

The disadvantage of renting a place for a server

  1. Colocation can be more expensive than basic web hosting. This is especially true when you have to manually maintain and manage your servers, so when the server needs to be upgraded you need to buy that hardware and install it.
  2. If you change the provider and move another location, you must move the servers to the new provider or stay there and make the payment of the maintenance contract.
  3. Another obstacle with renting a place for server may be the price fluctuations. Because one of the factors in the monthly rate of the link to the server is the amount of data transferred through the server during the monthly period, unusually large traffic volumes over a monthly period can cause the bill service increases unexpectedly.

and the service of renting a place for a server are often known in English as Colocation. Below we’ll take a closer look at why you need to rent a place for a dedicated server.

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