How to protect Websites from DDOS Attack

How to protect Websites from DDOS Attack

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DDoS attacks are becoming more common than ever. These attacks can be a big deal for any type of business that has an Internet presence. So are you prepared to protect your Website against DDoS attacks?

Even with sophisticated DDoS protection, large online services like Twitter and Spotify may still be affected by a DDoS attack. What if your server does not have DDoS protection?

Although it is not possible to stop DDoS attacks completely, there are a number of ways you can prepare yourself so that you do not fall into a situation which you can not handle them. In this article, we will briefly describe what a DDoS attack is and how you can protect your business.

Definition of DDOS Attack

DDoS means distributed denial of service attacks. In other words, when one or more people drive traffic to a server at the same time, it causes the overloaded connection and makes the web page deny connections. There are hundreds of different types of attacks that can occur to achieve this result.

Types of DDOS Attack

The most common type of DDoS attack is a mass attack. This is an attack on your website network that is created by overloading your site with “fake” users and consuming your bandwidth.

Another attack is done by using many different attacked computers or “infected” devices. This creates a centralized botnet that can initiate an attack at any time.

In an attack, your bandwidth is overloaded and only a limited number of users can log on to your site at the same time. This prevents legitimate users from logging in.

Major types of DDoS attacks include:

  • Consuming computing resources such as bandwidth, hard disk space, or processing time
  • Breaking down of configuration information such as routing information
  • Breaking down information states as the automatic reset of TCP sessions.
  • Breaking down the physical components of the computer network
  • Blocking targeted communications between users and victims resulting in inadequate communication between the parties.

Reasons for DDOS Attack

Multiple many reasons can make someone attack websites for any purposes.

For any reasons, It can be a big problem because it denies legal customers accessing to your web page. Your users are trying to access your web page that can be denied. As a result, they become disappointed and never go back to your Website.

DDOS Prevention Tips

Improve Your Network Infrastructure

Maintaining proper network infrastructure can protect against DDoS attacks. Consolidating your network architecture can help ensure you are protected in a DDoS attack or in any possible network problem.

The key point you can enhance your network infrastructure is to create diversity with your network connection.

If your organization needs to rely on a server or the internet, it’s important to ensure that your resources are geographically dispersed. You should not rely on a particular data center, however, you should take advantage of multiple locations to be well protected.

In Addition, it is important that your data centers are not all connected to the same ISP (internet service provider). Even you use multiple locations of the data center, it may not provide full protection if they use the same backend network.

Increase The Bandwidth And The Speed of Connection

 Another important strategy for using to protect against DDoS attacks is to increase your bandwidth. This does not help you get rid of the attack completely but it also makes your opponent more difficult to attack.

One major vulnerability exploited in DDoS attacks is to exceed your bandwidth limits and block legal users from your site. For these common types of attacks, increasing your bandwidth can sometimes be a solution. However, this is not a good solution as it means that you are paying for bandwidth for fake traffic, but it is an option to consider.

Invest DDOS Protection Service

The best way to protect against DDoS attacks is to invest in a server provider that provides DDoS protection services. These services use sophisticated DDoS mitigators to protect the site immediately when an attack occurs. By self-developing new technologies to protect its customers against the attacks of competitors, 123HOST specializes in providing DDoS attack protection solution with 2 layer security mechanism, ensuring fast and secure performance. whole.

The cheap dedicated server in Vietnam at 123HOST, you will be consulted on the most advanced technology solutions, developed exclusively at 123HOST to protect your Website against the bad business rivals.

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