You Shouldn’t Store Your Website Yourself

You Shouldn’t Store Your Website Yourself

Many business owners often want to be able to monitor all their own work and activities. However, business owners are not experts about everything. There will be problems that they can hardly evaluate the severity level when they arise.

Website hosting is also one of the issues that business owners need to be cautious. Although it is not too difficult to hire a technician to administer the Website, but the storage management is another matter.

Because most business owners are unaware of what is really necessary to ensure the efficient operation of a website. This is the main reason that you shouldn’t store the Website by yourself. Here are some general problems you have to face if you want to store your own website.

You need to process and maintain your server

To let your server operate well, you need to know what hardware is for you. It is not simply bringing an old computer for reuse.

To make sure your website is always online, you need to buy hardware that has the proper processor speed, RAM, and operating system. This hardware is expensive because it is designed to run 24 × 7 and handle continuous flow. Traditional desktops are not designed for this strenuous workload and will be made a mistake much faster than enterprise servers if they are used to store a web site. Without proper enterprise server hardware, you will have many technical problems and will take a lot of time and money to solve.

In addition, the cost of purchasing a dedicated server for your business, you also need to have a supply to replacement components for it. The reason is because the best servers will get the errors on the hardware, so it is important to have plenty of spare parts in your office to be able to handle at the time. The cost of these replacement components is also a considerable part.

You need to update your software continuously

When you choose to store your own Website, you have to responsible for selecting the software to use and manage it. And Then, you have to find someone who understands the installation process for both the softwares and the applications.

You also have to be responsible for maintaining and updating the software to avoid technical problems or to make your Website compromised by hackers.

Maybe, you don’t have time

A typical business owner will usually be busy. They need to monitor and do a lot of work for their business. Therefore, the storage management of the Website may become overwhelming to them, because they are not experts in the field and will have trouble with any errors that need be fixed.

Good business owners know the importance of managing time and manpower. They will know how to find a partner to manage website hosting.

You need a high connection

When people need to connect to the internet, they will call internet service providers like FPT, VNPT, etc. But these are just ordinary Internet services that you cannot provide enough for your needs with these Internet lines.

Each server needs to be connected to the Internet through redundant connections for enterprise level networks. These networks are designed for optimal performance to meet the needs of users around the globe. It also guarantees on uptime and redundancy issues to fix when they arise.

As you can imagine, these types of connections are very expensive. It is also often not feasible to set up connections in areas where a traditional office can be located.

Saving money

Even if you try one of the “free” web hosts, you will soon realize that there is nothing free at all. There is always costs involved, and even this cost is higher than the cost of storage.

Buying a dedicated server will also cost you a little bit to make it work 24 hours a day. This is probably not the option you desire.

The performance of your Website is not good as you expect

You may be very good at designing a beautiful, attractive and friendly website. But after all, are you sure that you can ensure your Website can achieve the best performance for users if you manually store it?

What is affecting the speed of your Website? Is your website fast enough for customers to easily navigate and purchase?

Does your SEO have the good result as you want?

Website performance greatly influences the user experience for your website as well as your SEO results. A good website performance will often be appreciated.

It is very difficult for you to maintain your website’s performance. In the long run will cause a lot of problems for you.

The security is not good as you expect

No one can guarantee the maximum security for your hosting, even you choose a good hosting service provider. However, your self-storage will make things worse.

Hosting service providers will often have more experience in helping you protect your security. Even if you just rented their cheap dedicated server, you can also be protected by their technology.

That’s not supported

When you store your website yourself, you have to support yourself without being able to rely on anyone else.

You do not know when your problem will arrive. Imagining that it was 2:00 a.m. and your site is offline. Do you know what to do to make it appear online again?

Or if your Web site is having lots of customers visiting at the same time and it can not meet. What can you do now? Or do you lose sales?

By choosing a reasonable hosting provider, you simply call a phone call or send a ticket to a provider who will know how to support you.