How to choose a dedicated server location

How to choose a dedicated server location

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Choosing a dedicated server is quite important and it decides to your server’s performance. However, a different aspect also affects the server’s performance that chooses a location to place the server for that Website.

As you know, A dedicated server is placed in a suitable location that is same as the area with the visitors. That will make your Website load faster with these visitors. Therefore, that depends on the area of your customer, and you have to choose a suitable location for your server. In most cases, that doesn’t increase your cost, if any, quite well.

In this post, we will learn more about how the location of server affects your Website’s speed. We also discuss how to choose a right data center and how to optimize your Website.

How the server’s location may affect your Website’s performance

There are many factors that can affect the speed of loading pages such as images, files, themes, and plugins. Basically, every Website page is a collection of files and if files are heavier and heavier, that will spend more time loading.

However, the distance also plays a role when we mention to the Website’s performance. If the visitors are farther and farther to the server, your Website will spend more time processing and loading. Especially, some servers are not the same nation and the same problem of the international line. That makes your decision of choosing a location for server difficult.

How to choose a suitable location for your server

Most of the good providers will tell you different server locations. That depends on your demand. Therefore, you just need to find a suitable location for your server.

However, how to choose a right service is a challenge. Here are the criterions can help you make a decision exactly.

Considering your target audience: if your visitors live in Vietnam, you will want to choose a data center in Vietnam, instead of Singapore or Australia.

Checking which your data center provider service is using: most of the service provider allow their customer to see the locations of a server. You can consider this problem.

Checking the data center’s performance: you can find some datacenters and check the performance of these data center.

Based on the information, you can find a suitable data center.

How to optimize the performance of your Website

 Moving your server to the suitable data center is one of the ways to increase your Website performance. In addition, you can optimize your Website by these ways:

  • Optimizing your images and files
  • Using plugins to optimize your Website ( If your Website is WordPress…)
  • Using CND. This service will establish a copy in a cache memory of Website. This will reduce the load time of the Website greatly.


Choosing a location for the server is quite important for increasing the Website’s speed. Especially for the increasingly unstable international network in Vietnam. Of course, you can completely rent a cheap dedicated server in Vietnam if you have a special demand.


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