How to set up a dedicated server

How to set up a dedicated server

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With someone having experiences about system administration, the way of setting up a dedicated server is very interesting. However, with some developers and any new users, they begin to use a storage service and will need an instruction to do it.

This article will help you have a general look about setting up a dedicated server for your enterprise.

What is a dedicated server?

dedicated server is a computer designed by hardware having a high ability of processing. You can use it to store or set up with some exclusive software with your demand.

With a dedicated server, you have many options to choose the operating system and request the hardware for your project.

When using a dedicated server, you will want to rent a good data center to place your cheap dedicated server in Vietnam at a stable price and the best infrastructure for your server’s operation.

Choosing a dedicated server

You should notice some tips to look for a good dedicated server as well as the best provider for you.

Hardware and operating system requirement

The main requirement of a dedicated server will be determined by requirements about hardware and operating systems that a server need.

Operating System

Considering the software will run mainly on the server and checking the operating system will operate smoothly for servers. Windows and Linux are two main options.

You will need a dedicated server for Windows if you are storing MS SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, or ASP.NET. And Linux will be your exact option if you use Ruby on Rails or Apache / PHP / MySQL (LAMP).


Look at the list of hardware that the server will run. Some requirements about hardware will be built and based on them.

Writing the list of application that you are intending to run and use how many resources of the system.

Your Budget

You should consider some questions below when mentioning the budget:

How much bandwidth do you need?

How much budget do you need to set up a server?

If you don’t use the open source, how much does a license cost?

Do you need a management plan or other servers?

You also need to care the security cost and the protection of your server.

Setting up your Website

If your dedicated server is ready, you have to set up your Website on that server. This part you will need someone to give you a guide or if you are using an administration package, they will help you implement it quickly with your request.

If you have any questions about the storage on a server, please contact now to us.


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